Hey Candice, it’s Candice

January 4/5, 2018  

Dear Future Me,

Heyyy gurl!! (j/k, I hope you don’t actually do that, it’s obnoxious…in case you’ve forgotten!) I hope you remember to read this at some point! If so, hey! And if not then I never liked you anyways, it’s whatever. 

There’s not really any rhyme or reason to this, the prompt just said to write a letter to your future self, so here I am…and there you are. Hopefully this letter finds you well; mentally, physically, socially…life-ily?? (Meaning, maybe you’ve got one now…if not, that’s cool too, we haven’t had one for a while now…) You may or may not remember the me I am now, we tend to forget a lot. Your knee was still healing at the time of this letter being written from where you face-planted on your way into work 12/23/17. If you don’t remember that, thank the gods because it freakin’ hurt and took weeks to grow the skin back on your knee. The scab was gone, and you could bend it again, by the new year though, so that was a plus. 

It’s just after New Years (obviously) and we’ve just made some goals for the year, with some fairly easily achievable goals. I hope that you’re still writing and that you’re blogs are more successful than they are now. I hope that you have found a balance with your mental health and are taking the necessary strides in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I also hope that you have found a way to reach out and help others, whether or not it’s through this blog, or maybe some connections we’ve yet to make with your fellow bloggers on Tumblr, or through the Facebook Network you are in the process of starting up as I type (the poll is open until tomorrow for the name of it, you had had an argument with your sister about the legal ramifications of calling it a “Network” vs a “Group” because of misrepresentation, so you decided to poll the audience). 

It would be so awesome if you’ve been able to do something with Random Acts, or To Write Love On Her Arms, or some sort of organization like that. It only just dawned on me that, even though you’re not able to work for a hotline, working for one of those types of organizations in some other capacity would be amazing. You could still be involved in helping people help people, which would help with your sense of purpose, and it would also help give you a sense of accomplishment that you’re missing in your life right now. If you read this at New Years 2019 (Holy-freakin’-Hell!?!?) then you’re about to turn 34. There’s still plenty of time to get some shit done, if you haven’t managed everything yet. The point is to try. (If you’re crying right now because you feel like the me you is more hopeful that the present you, fucking stop, go to therapy or read some happy fanfic, and snap the hell out of it!) 

By this time your sister’s second book should be out. (For those of you who are not me reading this go here to learn more about The Kingdom Come series by my awesomely talented, and somehow self motivated, sister Brandy Ange!) If you haven’t yet, you really should do a book review month, now that you’re theme-ing your blog posts and all…just sayin’. In addition to the rest of the book series, I hope you are still helping, by doing whatever you can, to get the publishing company off the ground (if that hasn’t already happened). A TOMS-style model publishing company that donates proceeds to charities is innovative, and also inline with one of your goals for this year. Also you would be doing what you really love to do, which is organizing and controlling things for other people, and not yourself, it’s the perfect fit! (Also, if Brandy is reading this, remember you came to me for the project manager position first, and it’s mine!) 

In any event, I’ve taken up enough of your time, get back to whatever you were doing before you clicked on this link and took a weird ass trip down memory lane. Remember to Always Keep Fighting and to have courage and be kind.


Greetings from your past,



P.S. Also, if you haven’t done it yet: GET YOUR ASS TO A SUPERNATURAL CON!!! No matter what it takes, you have to go at least once. Seriously, make it happen.


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