TDP: Weekly Photo Challenge – Serene

The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the theme for this week (Serene) was Serenity. Not the word, the movie…because I’m a nerd, and my entire life could turn into movie quotes, but only I would be able to talk to myself! 

Secondly, I tried to think of a time when I am actually ever truly tranquil, which is my synonym for serene; being me I don’t think I have ever or will ever reach a state of serenity that didn’t involve a strong drink and an Ambien (do NOT try that at home kids, I cannot emphasize that strongly enough!). It didn’t come to me until I was walking my dog at 2am, since I had inadvertently forgotten my Ambien that night. I love walking around on a slightly chilly night, in the middle of the night while the city sleeps and I’m the only one outside. This particular night was just a couple of days before the full moon and it was gorgeously overcast, with just the light of the moon to show me the clouds; my favourite nights. 

There’s just something about the stillness that comes at night while all the normal people are sleeping, or at the very least laying in bed praying for sleep! It’s just the way the world seems to be holding it’s breath until the next day; the eye of the daily storm were forced to live through. I read somewhere once that 2am is for lovers and writers. I’ve found that to be quite true, when else can anyone find the time to really explore anything other than the rat race than while there is nothing else to do but contemplate and create and experience your own life without outside influence. (On a completely not serious note, what-so-ever, I’m laughing my ass off for using that word right now…if you’ve got some time and enjoy lewd humor, watch this video, like I said in my weekly post, I’ve been sort of binge watching SPN con-panels and interviews…)

Anyways, that’s my take on this weeks photo challenge. I will probably spend my entire life in search true serenity, and greatly hope to be able to find it one day. 


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