TDP Photo Challenge: Transformation

I know I’ve been sort of absentee-blogger this month. I wish I could say that I’ve actually been busy instead just “been busy.” 

November is sort of rough month for me, as my scheduled post (that I didn’t actually write before it accidentally posted…twice!) will explain. But I logged in today just to touch base, and hopefully find some inspiration; which I have! 

I found The Daily Post and their Weekly Photo Challenge. Being a photographer at heart, it’s been a while since I’ve done anything with that either, so I figure two birds one blog post!! 

This week’s challenge is “Transformation.” What a loaded concept, entirely too much can be taken from that word. How do you interpret it? How do you represent what that word means to you? Is it inspirational or daunting or threatening? Is it positive or negative? I have to say, it is literally the best word that could have been my first prompt at this time. 

Being Bipolar (and off my meds…again) I feel like my life is in a constant state of Transformation. I never know who I’m going to be from one day to the next, and will sometimes change partway through the day if something triggers a switch for me. Especially around the holidays, everyone’s emotions are so fluid, it can be quite exhausting for an empath. 

I took a picture of my tea this morning, for a couple different reasons. 

For the obvious: tea is made from dried/dehydrated leaves, fruits, and other seasonings that is steeped in hot water, literally creating something new by the combination of those things. 

For the symbolism: I often feel like a dried up, useless, and sometimes smelly sac of whatever. I’m not really doing anything, nor do I feel like I contribute much to anything as I am. However, given the right opportunity/platform/venue or hot water (I know, that’s a stretch!) I may be able to achieve the transformation into who I was truly meant to be.



It seems a little far-fetched or over exaggerated, but life is full of symbolism and meaning; even in a little cup of tea. (And I didn’t even read my tea leaves!!)

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