Just in case the title was a little too subtle, I LOVE FALL!! Living in the south, fall means that the temperature falls below 100F indefinitely, the rain brings cool breezes and droplets (as opposed to more humidity and warm droplets), everything just seems to slow down from the summer rush. At least where I grew up, that’s how it was, and that’s how I still feel about it. Fall also brings my absolutely favorite holidays; Mabon (Fall Equinox), Samhain (Halloween), and Thanksgiving! Basically, this bitch likes to eat some food…since this post was supposed to have been done last week (on Mabon – the first day of fall) I’m going to write this like I wasn’t on vacation from my blog as well as my day job!


Mabon is a celebration of the Fall Equinox and is typically considered a Pagan holiday (for lack of a better term). The Fall Equinox is the time when both the moon and sun share equal time in the day; after that the darkness wins out and the light gets less and less until midwinter, the longest night, then the light starts to take over again, signaling the return of light, hope, and rebirth. 

Not being a very religious person, I tend to align more with nature and celebrating its forces. Something in me just can’t justify praising a deity above all else, any deity. So I just move with what pulls me and follow the golden rule, which seems to be present in all religious beliefs, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” or “Do what ye will, and harm none” or “You do you, boo!” 


I know very few people who don’t enjoy Halloween, the decorations, the costumes, the giving away of free candy! What’s not to love!? I have been buying pieces of my costume for this year since March. (Did I mention that it’s my favourite holiday??) Anyways, Samhain is another widely recognized time in many different cultures and religions, and misunderstood by just as many. There is no denying that there does seem to be a noticeable difference in the air, especially that night. Even people without heightened senses can tell that there’s something different. They may describe it as a shift, or just something being off. I love it! The veil thins as the day goes on and, if one should be so inclined, just about anyone can get in touch with their more spiritual selves. Reading Tarot, meditation, or sending up a prayer (if you do that sort of thing) tends to have more gravity that night. If you let yourself feel it, it’s a very powerful time.


Also, lets not forget that I’m a movie freak, and I was primarily raised in the 90’s. So, naturally one of my all time favourite movies to watch (I actually started watching it every few weeks about a month ago!) is Hocus Pocus! It’s got the best mix of everything and every one! My cat is even named Binx, from this movie. I had never liked cats before, but after we had to put down my Kassy puppy we found him; I had always said that if I were to ever have a cat, he would have to be solid black and that I would name him Binx. It was just meant to be!


Thanksgiving is a time for family to get together, try to one up on each other while “catching up,” and gorge themselves on food that they could eat year round, but don’t so that they have an excuse to gorge themselves. Oh, no…wait! Thanksgiving is the time of year that we celebrate the kindness shown to us by native peoples who fed us when we couldn’t figure out how to get our own food, and who we eventually slaughtered and took over their country for the sake of taking over the world. Wrong again?! Thanksgiving is a time where loved ones come together and celebrate their thankfulness for each other and their life’s blessings…as well as gorge themselves on foods (etc.). Basically it all comes down to the food. Jellied cranberry sauce is my downfall; I just love it. The turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy,  casseroles, and the pies! What is not to love (and why not year round too)!? These last few years we’ve been doing Thanksgiving at my dad’s parent’s house, and they have decided to not have turkey, I think they’re trying to ruin my life…but me and my mom get a small turkey breast and cook it for ourselves for dinner when we get home, so my life has been spared thus far. 


In short, this is the best time of year because of everything. The air is cool, but there’s significantly less allergens (ain’t that right Spring!?), the food is fantastic, and everything just seems to have a little lift in it. To keep the topic of food alive, I would not be the proud basic white bitch I am without mentioning the one thing that either gives your life joy, or is the bane of your existence, there is no middle ground:


That being said, the darkness now having hold over the world has it’s very own set of challenges. For people with certain types of disorders, this time of year can be very dangerous. Literal darkness can cause an internal darkness as well. In combination with holidays that are supposed to bring people together in happy surroundings, and that’s not always the case, this time of year has the highest suicide rate of any other time of year. I think people mostly attribute this to the holiday season, but it has a great deal to do with the alignment of the Earth and Sun as well. One of the major reasons I don’t every even consider living any farther north than Virginia is because the days are so much shorter, and in places like Alaska for six months out of the year they’re practically non-existent. I very much doubt I would survive in that type of environment; blame the BPD or the fact that I was raised on an island in quite temperate weather! 

Enjoy the fall friends; love you awesome nerds!

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