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I’m interrupting your scheduled blog post (don’t worry it’s been moved to a different date, but you still get to read it) to bring you a random slice of my life, or whatever comes to mind. To be honest I forgot, or didn’t realize, that today was Thursday and that I had to write my post for in the morning. 

A random thing just happened. I’m watching Tin Man (The SciFi remake of The Wizard of OZ, it’s amazing if you haven’t seen it) and it’s the part where DG finds the tin man and knocks on his shell, then he knocks back, then there’s another knock. I’m not fully paying attention, so it caught me by surprise. My new neighbors that have only been here for a week had someone come over. I’ve never heard them come in or out, let alone have people over. It sort of made me laugh a little. 

Anyways, lots of crazy things hopefully getting ready to happen. I’ve decided to apply to grad school. I’ll be going to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) to get my MFA in Dramatic Writing. I’ve been to SCAD before, but could only go for 1 quarter because I had to be admitted as an undergrad to get some art credits in order to get into the masters program. Uncle Sam decided that since I already have 2 BA’s that I didn’t need financial aid money to keep studying undergrad; that was for photography. The MFA program for writing isn’t the same and since I have my BA’s in English and Theatre I shouldn’t need any other BA credits. I also don’t *have* to take the G.R.E. or MAT to get in, so that’s awesome! I never took the S.A.T’s so I would consider it an amazing accomplishment getting my MFA without taking one single standardized test. 

In addition to my applying to SCAD we’ve been dying to move back to Savannah, or at the very least somewhere other than eastern NC. We’ve been dreaming of living tiny for years now, and since money has never been readily available we’ve decided to get an RV. It’s more economical for starting out living tiny, and will allow us to save up the money in order to build our own from our own designs. I’ve designed a bunch of tiny houses; french pirate ship themed, minimalistic cabin, hobbit/shire themed, single person, two person, small family…the list goes on. I’m really quite excited to be downsizing and literally de-cluttering my life. Pulling up my roots and being on the move, where ever I want to go. Given my flighty tendencies that may prove to be either good or bad! I’m hoping with some more freedom and not being so tied down I’ll feel less pressure and free to be more myself; maybe after getting my MFA at SCAD I’ll be able to get a great job doing something that I love and I won’t have to worry about anything ever again, live happily ever after! (Yeah right! *insert maniacal laughter here*) 

If I may be allowed to be quite frank, the only thing I’d really love to do for the rest of my life is watch TV shows and movies and eat good food. I would cook and play with animals for fun and maybe do some crafts or knitting to give me something else to do. If I were of a better temperament I’d make the perfect house wife; to someone who didn’t mind my constant mood swings, sexual desire ups and downs, ardent disdain for most children, and total lack of any sense of self propriety. Maybe with the right meds I’d be able to keep house and be taken care of financially. 

Oh, speaking of meds, I haven’t taken mine today! Shit, I only just remembered…and I just got put on new ones on Tuesday! I had been on Lamictal, bumped up to 200mg, until I requested for him to do a DNA test to see what drugs would work best with my system. I was told it wouldn’t take long to get the results and the Lamictal wasn’t really doing much for me, so I took myself off of it a few weeks after my last appointment. I never heard anything back about it until I went in for my appointment on Tuesday. Turns out that Lamictal is on the list of things that work for me, but not necessarily the best one, so he’s switched me over to Trileptal. If this one doesn’t help stabilize my moods, then he says we’ll have to go from these types of meds to the anti-psychotics. Woohoo!! At least then the odd noises and music and whispers would go away. That may sound like the early stages of schizophrenia, but it can also be one of the side effects of a manic episode. That lead me to ask what my actual, legit diagnosis is. I had come in telling him that I have bipolar, but I’d never actually heard him say anything about it or whatever. He didn’t tell me which side I’m on, but he did confirm Bipolar Disorder. It had been theorized when I was a teenager, but I got out of that therapy so easy, I figure if it had been something that serious they wouldn’t have let me go so easy. Maybe I was wrong.

Regardless of all that everything else is still the same. Same hum-drum job, same ebbing mood cycles, same car, same animals, same pseudo-routine, and the same mundane, stagnant, dreadful existence. At least this blog gives me something to do, even when I go off book and have nothing structured to write about and prattle on like the lunatic I am! Sorry for the sort of literary explosion of babble. I’m not really sure what I’m doing today, just that I didn’t have it in me to write a preplanned blog post or really think of anything else. At least I got something written though, and with 35 minutes to spare!

Embrace your weird; love you awesome nerds!

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