My Obsession with Mr. Right

So, about a year ago my mom and I rented Mr. Right from the Redbox. Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell, what’s not to love?! We were not disappointed. Great one-liners, quirky characters, and a completely pointless easy to follow plot line…Anna being the fantastically hilarious human she is and Sam dancing around like the smooth-footed god he is. Not to mention the guns, violence, and actually conversational cursing that makes my heart skip a beat.

mr right dancing

Anyways, I watched it the once and thought it was fantastic and that I’d like to buy it one day, when we had the money. Well, this year when mom got a job for the summer she bought it and gave me the digital copy so I could watch it here. I am not even joking when I say that I watched that movie *every* *single* *day,* sometimes twice a day, for over a month. 


Don’t get me wrong. It is a great movie, but maybe not awesome enough that a “normal” person would watch it even more than once a week, let alone more than once a day. Something about the movie just called to my soul. I missed it when I wasn’t watching it, and I couldn’t stop myself from watching it over and over. In the course of a week I didn’t even have to be watching it to see it. I would just have it playing as ambient background noise while doing things around the house (mainly feeding the animals and going to the bathroom since I wasn’t really doing much else at the time) and I could see it playing out in my mind’s eye. I’ve picked out the bloopers, noticed all the things in the background, everything that my movie-loving, film studies self could possibly absorb in a movie. Most people would be so over this movie they’d never even want to talk about it again, let alone watch it more. (I’m literally watching it AGAIN as I write this…you know, for inspiration) One afternoon I looked up my two favourite songs from the movie and listened to them on loop, by the end of the day I knew all the words to both of them.

Crazy – Kat Dahlia and My Type – Saint Motel

The more I watch(ed) it the more I love(d) it. I’m not obsessed with it anymore, but I do still love it. The way he looks at her breaks my heart, in the best way. In the way that makes me realize that even though I’ve resigned myself to perpetual singletude, I would die if someone looked at me the way he looks at her.


And he’s acting! It’s not even REAL and it KILLS me. The whole time I was obsessed with this movie I would fantasize about finding a quirky hit-man that would fall in love with my bipolar ass and think that I was the best thing to ever happen to him. (Knowing the whole time it would never happen)


My favourite part (which just started playing) is when he’s teaching her about the current, with the knives. (Serisouly, if you haven’t stopped reading this to watch the movie yet, now’s the time!) (Seriously, this will stay here, just go watch it…for real) It’s so delicate and intimate and just plain connected. They just click so well together that it makes you want to forget that you’re watching a movie and think they’re real people that actually exist and are the happiest people in the whole world.

source (1)

My utter love for this movie has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Martha clearly has BPD, or that her life is a total mess, she isn’t using her degree (who does that?!), or that she meets the most amazingly perfect stranger. There’s nothing to relate to or desire about any of that…I really can’t tell you what it is. It could be that she finds who she is and gets to do what, and be with who makes her unconditionally happy.


It’s worth noting that becoming inexplicably and overwhelmingly obsessed with something is a symptom of bipolar. It could be a movie, a person, a color, a phrase, a taste, an animal, an idea or concept…literally anything.

ZackaroniEric Millegan, the actor that played my favourite character on the TV show Bones (Zack Addy), talks about a time when he became obsessed with a man that he had never met in this article.

It can be a very serious issue if not handled properly, and can be much more dangerous than being obsessed with a movie or stranger. 



Stay vigilant; love you awesome nerds!

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