Meet Betty (A Warning Tale-ish)

So, my manic bipolar ass bought a new car today…accidentally. Have I gotten to mention that excessive and uncontrollable impulsive spending is a side effect of BPD yet? 

No? Well…it is. 

In my defense, my mom and I have been sharing a car for the last 5 years. Since she’s moved back home for the summer to work she’s been car-less. She had tried to get a moped, but the one she was able to get keeps stalling out on her, and it’s killing her wrist trying to start it up and keep it running.


I was driving down the road about a month ago, on my way to Sam’s Club with my newly reloaded food stamp card and I saw this stunning black & red Miata out in front of the car dealership. I did a double take, I’ve wanted a Miata for about half of my life, and black and red is one of my favourite colour combinations. This car is my soul. I thought about it all day and even told my mom about it. A couple weeks after that my mom was in town for her 1 day this month and after dinner we drove out and sneaked onto the car lot and looked at it. In the dark it looked like a solid top and a manual transmission. So that’s all it was was a little dream for that night…but I still wanted to know some more about it.


I went back out there today, literally just to see it better in the daylight and maybe get a price on it. The salesman gives me some time to look and take pictures, then comes up and gives me the standard pitch with the info that’s already on the papers on the window. He asks if I’d like to look inside and I said sure. While he’s gone to get the key I look closer and it’s an automatic! I was so expecting to use my “I don’t really drive stick well enough to test drive this car” excuse that I was caught off guard. I suddenly got crazy excited, this could actually happen!  He comes back with the key and lets me in, I look at the controls and play with the AC and the radio. My next deal breaker question, “How do I get the top down?” (I had seen videos of hard top Miatas that you have to physically remove the entire top in order to have it topless. No WAY my mom nor I can do that.) He glaces around, presses the release button, flips the switch, then hits a button and the roof dips back behind the seats. At this point I’m running out of excuses, more for myself than him. We go for the test drive and this car has that famous Mazda Zoom Zoom not too much that I’m going to get in too much trouble in it, but if I wanted had to I could shit and git! 


When we got back to the dealership we still hadn’t talked price yet, so I went in with him to talk a little actual shop. He explained to me that the car had only had 1 owner, a 50+ year old woman, who bought it from the same dealer I bought my Mazda5 from here in town. She kept it in a garage since 2013 and only put 27k miles on it. She had all the paperwork and records of everything ever done to it, and even the engine compartment looked brand-spanking-new. For the style and condition the car is in, the dealership’s price on it was only $900 over KBB. Deal. Of. The. Year. 

My next escape plan: My credit is total shit. Well, not total shit…but not great. No way I’m getting approved. Also, I on purpose didn’t bring my purse, so I have no ID or anything on me. He says that’s no problem, they only need a copy of my license after everything is done, and since I still needed to talk to my mom to verify everything I could sign the papers and everything with still no obligation to buy. He gets the information he needs from me then takes it back and talks to his finance guy. I had mentioned that I already have a car lone with Wells Fargo and that I bank there as well. He says that’s great because Wells is one of their in-house banks.

I should mention that I refuse to trade in my car, his name is Garth and he’s a fantastic car specifically bought to fit people and animals and stuff in for vacations and long trips. Not to mention trading in a car when I’m trying to have two cars defeats the purpose. Well, Wells comes back and says that they’re not going to do a second loan for me, they want me to trade in Garth, not happening, so I’m thinking “that’s that, thanks for the info, have a great day!” Should have known better, because while he was waiting for Wells he had put in my info with a few other places and was waiting to hear back from them as well. I ended up getting an in-house financing with no money down, by myself (no cosigner) so this car is legit my car. Guys, this is an awesome thing to hear, but I’m still worried and not 100% sold. I’m feeling really good about it, and everything about this car was made for me; my favourite colours, it’s a Miata, it’s used and not $31+k, it’s an automatic, and has the retractable hard top. (For some reason I get sort of skeeved out with the thought of a soft top. It’s not like I plan on rolling through a picket fence, but if it were to happen I’d like to not get stabbed through the head by something coming in through my roof.)

It also dawned on me during the test drive that this is my dream car, dream cars usually are mid-life crises cars, so I’ve just bought my mid-life crisis car…at 32. #adulting Regardless of the outcome, my mom now has a reliable car she can drive to and from work and doesn’t have to rent a car to come visit me in…and I’ve got a MIATA ♣♣♣♣ 

In my mind, the sun god Apollo himself has personally seen to it that this woman traded in her car, just in time for me to ride by and see it, and no one else bought it between then and when I went back, just when I’m in the right place in my job and have a little financial leniency for me to get this car. He said, “here you go little sun spot, have a bit of joy in your life right now, and help your mom out while you’re at it.” Who am I to refuse the will of the gods? (Especially Apollo who hasn’t had the sun be quite so harsh on my skin so far this summer!) All the cards fell into perfect place and now I’m the ecstatic new owner of a shiny red & black Mazda Miata MX-5 and it’s all mine. 

After getting my new car home and talking about it with my mom we came to the name Betty. At first it was because I had said it was a Club (like the suit/style) and she started thinking of the Flintstones, then she thought of Wilma or Betty; then Betty stuck because that’s like a 1950’s term for a hot girl, and the red and black is quite the “pin-up style,” so Betty it was. Also, I just recently started and finished Riverdale on Netflix (fantastically amazing if you haven’t tripped over that yet) and Betty is a great character. So, meet Betty everyone!

**This has been a special Mania Spending Edition of The Bipolar Capricorn, thanks for reading!**

Dreams can come true; love you awesome nerds!

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  1. Thelma and Louise meets Romy and Michele 😄
    That’s a sexy “manic mid-life impulsive purchase” you’ve got there! Plus practical benefits?! Niiiiice.
    Apollo has seen fit to bless you with this sweet chariot, and so it is your duty to run the fuck out of those horses. All 160 of them 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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